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Puppy Daycare

After completing Pup Start or Pup Start + you gain access to our Daycare services


Puppy Daycare is now available! (Starting January 22nd)

Continue your puppies care with the trainers they've come to know and love! Pup Start Daycare will work on maintaining the skills your puppy has learned in Pup Start thus far. Puppies will socialize with peers within their age group and participate in enrichment activities and energy outlets.

Please message the front desk for enrollment.

Puppy Daycare Classic $75/Day


  • 4 week puppy imprint or

  • 6 weeks Pup Start Classic

  • Between the ages of 8 and 24 weeks

Continue to utilize a structured balance of energetic and restful periods that will help to replicate a similar balance at home.

  • Development of crate and potty training skills

  • Work closely with the trainers your puppy has grown up with.

  • Structured socialization with other puppies to further develop their socialization skills.

  • Housed in PupStart for reduced exposure to adult dogs.

  • Participation in group-based obedience activities.

Puppy Daycare Plus $75/Day

  • 3 weeks Pup Start Plus

  • Under 2 years of age

Familiar certified trainers and seasoned apprentices handle the adolescent puppies. 

  • Mirrors the same PupStart+ daily structure.

  • Off leash e-collar activities for eligible dogs.

  • Skilled use of known behaviors and training equipment to maintain and promote obedience.

  • Structured socialization to further develop social skills.

  • Participation in exposure activities.

  • Participation in group-based obedience activities.


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