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What is Pup Start?

The Pup Start program is designed to help create well-behaved, confident, and social pets of any breed. With over 15 years of experience in dog training, behavior modification, and working dogs, we have developed a program that utilizes the same training methods used for police, therapy, and service dogs. These methods help to create confident, social, and dedicated dogs that are easy to train and become lifelong companions. The Pup Start program is available for puppies between the ages of 8-16 weeks, and once they reach 6 months of age, they can move on to our Pup Start+ program, where they will learn the skills needed to be great companions, including proofing obedience and off-leash skills.

Why train a puppy?

The early stages of a dog's life, between 8-16 weeks, are the most critical for socialization and training. It is during this time that they can develop lifelong habits and associations with new experiences. Our goal is to help create the most well-rounded adult dogs possible through a combination of passive and active exposure to the world. We strive to help puppies develop positive associations with new people, other animals, and training through a systematic and proven approach. Providing adequate socialization and training at this stage of life is essential for creating a happy and well-behaved adult dog.

Who is training my puppy?

At Found Training Center, our team of CPDT-KA certified dog trainers and experienced assistant trainers will work with your puppy to help them reach their full potential. Our trainers are skilled in a variety of areas, including operant conditioning, exposure and socialization, sport dog training, therapy dog training, and behavior modification. With our guidance and your commitment to consistency at home, we are confident that we can help you raise a well-behaved and confident puppy. The program is led by Found Training Center co-owner Brittney Romo, who has over a decade of experience in the animal care industry, including raising numerous puppies in her personal home.

Where does my puppy stay?

Our Pup Start Program area is designed specifically for puppies, providing a peaceful and comfortable environment for them to rest, train, and learn. The area includes Ruffland Performance Kennels, a K9 Grass platform for quick access to potty breaks, and a designated training and play area. We strive to create an ideal space for puppies to feel confident and comfortable while they learn and grow.

What will my puppy learn?

During the Pup Start program (depending on the length of commitment), we will work on the following areas:

  • Introducing potty training and helping puppies learn to "potty" on command.

  • Socializing puppies with dogs, people, children, and other animals as needed.

  • Charging powerful markers to increase a puppy's ability to learn new skills immediately and in the long term. These markers will become the foundation for a language that puppies can use to learn any new skill.

  • Teaching leash training skills without conflict.

  • Exposing puppies to household and environmental noises, including vacuums, trash bags, cans, and vehicle noises.

  • Introducing basic obedience commands such as "sit," "down," "stand," and "place."

  • Providing real-world exposure through planned field trips to places like Horner Park or pet-friendly stores.

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