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Pup Start Chicago

Chicago's Unique Puppy Program

What is Pup Start?

Pup Start offers the freedom to enjoy a new puppy without all the confusion and stress. Have your puppy on the weekend, and let us handle potty training, obedience training, exposure, and exercise during the week. This is NOT just puppy training; this is a curriculum we follow to create confident, reliable, and obedient pets.

Certified Professionals

Our team consists of Certified Professional Dog Trainers, and we want the best for our program puppies.

10+ years of experience

Puppy training is extremely important because we define their future outlook on life and build their behavior from the beginning. This is why we want an experienced team.

450+ Puppies Trained

Success speaks for itself. We've trained over 450 puppies through our program, and now they focus on enjoying their lives with their families.

How does it work?

We want to make bringing a new puppy into your family as easy and stress-free as possible.

Meet with a trainer

Meet with one of our certified trainers to discuss your puppy's training goals, enjoy a 3-day trial, and get to know our team. Who cares for your puppy matters!

Drop-off your puppy

Drop off your puppy as early as 7am and pick up anytime between 4pm and 7pm. Boarding options are available as needed.

We train, socialize and provide real-world exposure

While you're away busy during the day, we provide all the training necessary for your puppy to excel in life.

Group Classes/ Tutorials

Don't worry, you'll be in the loop. You'll attend our weekly classes and receive bespoke tutorials on your puppy's training and homework.

What is my puppy going to learn?

We don't want our puppies to just listen; we want them to love the training and excel at it.

Potty & Crate Training

Potty training on cue and prevent crying and barking in the crate.

Sit, Down, Place & more

We teach the basics and instill long-term reliability.

Leash Walking

Prevent leash pulling and leash reactivity by following a proven process.

Distance, Distractions & Duration

We teach all puppies to deal with distracting environments long enough for you to enjoy your time with them.

Exposure to Environments

Puppies learn to swim, visit parks, and explore busy shopping centers, all to build the confidence to thrive.

Off-Leash Training

All 9 Months of age, all puppies complete an off-leash program, design for outdoor activities and high-level control.

Join the Pup Start Community

3 Days on Us.

Bring your puppy to our Pup Start Program for three days, absolutely free and with no commitment required!

Contact us about your puppy!

4108 N. Rockwell
Chicago, IL 60618


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