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Pup Start Chicago

Get a head start with Pup Start

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Premiere Puppy Training in Chicago

Puppy Pup Start
Pup start chicago puppy training program
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Pup Start Program

Start your puppy here.

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Building a strong foundation for a lifetime of obedience.

Puppy Imprinting

The perfect puppy experience. 

Puppy training in chicago

All About Us

Fabian and Brittney Romo are the founders of Pup Start Chicago and owners of Found Training Center, where they specialize in rehabilitating, rescuing, and training dogs for a variety of purposes. With years of experience working with all types of dogs, from sport and rescue dogs to family pets, they have come to understand the importance of early puppy training.


They believe that the foundations of a happy and fulfilled life for a puppy can be set as early as 8 weeks old, and are dedicated to helping puppies and their owners get off to the best start possible through their comprehensive puppy education and care services. Together, Fabian and Brittney have raised dozens of puppies and are passionate about using their expertise to help others raise well-behaved and well-adjusted pups.

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